P90X Vs Insanity

P90x VS Insanity – Which One Reigns Supreme?

It’s the P90x vs Insanity battle! Let’s get it on!


P90x and Insanity are two of Beachbody’s most popular home fitness workout programs. So which one is right for you? It really depends. I know, terrible answer but it’s true.

They are very different workout programs so there are many factors involved. Things like how much time you have to workout, equipment, commitment and dedication level, etc.

As mentioned in the P90x Workout Schedule article, it’s a 13 week, six day per week training program.

In fact, if you follow the recommendation, there are no days off! It’s recommended you do the X Stretch workout on day 7. Sure, it’s not an intense workout but it’s still a time commitment.

Plus, the workouts are not short, either, with each workout lasting at least an hour to an hour and a half, with some being closer to two hours in length.

Week 4 is a supposed recovery week after 3 very intense weeks of training. The focus in week 4 is yoga, core training and stretching with a little Kenpo karate thrown in for good measure!

While it does require some exercise equipment, the requirement is pretty simple; some dumbbells (or resistance band) and a pull up bar will get the job done. You might also want a yoga mat or push up stands.

There is also a pretty detailed P90x nutrition guide as well.

Is P90x easy? No way! Effective? Sure, if you can get through it mentally and physically. Most people will need to make some alterations to the program but P90x will get results.

P90x vs Insanity – The Insanity program overview

So what’s the Insanity program like? Well, it’s named Insanity for a reason!

Insanity with Shaun T is a very intense body weight only workout program designed to burn a whole lot of calories, boost your metabolism and shed body fat at a rapid pace.

The workouts are cardio based and more about getting lean, ripped and fit than they are about maximizing muscle growth.

The Insanity workout program is 60 days long. Each workout will last from 15 to 60 minutes. The very first one is a fit test and you’ll perform this fit test every 15 days (4 times throughout the entirety of the program).

The fit test involves 1 minute rounds of various exercises, with the goal of performing as many repetitions as you can during the round.

Exercises like:

  • Jump Squats
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Planks
  • and Kicks

As you can see, Shaun T’s Insanity plan involves a lot of plyometric (explosive) exercises.

Insanity also involves a lot of cardio with workouts like:

  • Cardio Abs workout
  • Plyometrics Cardio session
  • Intense Interval Circuits
  • Core Cardio (with Balance training)
  • Pure Cardio session

Like P90x, Insanity does include a balanced meal plan, although it’s pretty tight on the calories so you might find yourself eating more just to have the energy for the workouts.

P90x vs Insanity – Which one wins?

The Insanity Workout Program Commercial

The P90x Workout Program Commercial

The P90x workout program is longer in overall time.

This is true of the individual workouts as well.

While the P90x training has some serious cardio in it, it also uses more resistance with the dumbbells and the pull up bar, so if you want to add a little lean muscle to your body while dropping body fat, P90x is probably a better choice for you.

Insanity doesn’t use any equipment, which may be a plus for you. It’s a lot more cardio based with only the body as resistance. While you don’t rest much in P90x, you practically don’t rest at all in the Insanity program, thanks to it’s high intensity interval training program.

However, it’s not traditional low intensity steady state cardio like sitting on an exercise bike. No way, no how! It’s very intense cardio!

While both programs are very intense, if you’re really out of shape or a complete beginner, P90x is probably a better choice than the Insanity program for you. Insanity is more focused on intense interval training.

P90x is probably more your thing if you:

  • Want to add muscle mass
  • Enjoy resistance training
  • Want to lean out and drop body fat
  • Are looking to increase your flexibility
  • Like or want to try yoga

Insanity is probably more your thing if you:

  • Like the idea of not needing any exercise equipment
  • Want to maximize calorie burning
  • Want to lose a lot of weight
  • Prefer intense cardio
  • Enjoy athletic style training
  • Like dance based cardio
  • Are a cardio freak!

If these are you, take a look at Insanity with Shaun T.

If you have a lot of weight to lose or even have some knee problems, Insanity is probably not for you. There are a lot of explosive, plyometric moves in Insanity.

All that jumping and impact training can really do a number on the body.

Older trainees, or those with knee injuries or those severely overweight should probably avoid Insanity.

P90x vs Insanity – So which is tougher?

They are both tough! Most people would probably say Insanity (plyometrics are brutal no matter the program) but if you’re a cardio freak, you might find P90X tougher.

And some people can’t handle long workouts, even if they are ‘easier’ so they might prefer Insanity.

But if you can do both and want to, well, you don’t have to choose, do you? You can always do both. Just not at the same time!

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