P90x Chest and Back Workout Program

P90x Chest and Back Workout

The P90x chest and back workout is not for the feint of heart. But if your goal is to get a fit, lean, ripped, sexy upper body, you’ll love it.

The equipment for the P90x chest and back workout is minimal. Probably the one biggest issue for most people is the pull up bar. You just can’t do this chest and back workout without it. But simple home exercise equipment like this has come a long way.

The simple solution is the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. Yes, it’s along name for a simple pull up bar but it still works! The cost is only about $25 to $35 dollars. It’s small and lightweight but sturdy.

p90x chest and back pull up bar

The best part is the ease of use. It literally takes a couple of seconds to set up and take down. All you need is a doorway. It even has multiple grip positions (narrow, wide and neutral grip).

With this bar, you’ll easily be able to get a fantastic back workout completed at home, with or without the P90x chest and back workout.

More P90x Workout Equipment Needed

You’ll also need a set of dumbbells. The cheapest solution is the commonly used (at home) changeable dumbbells. They’ll last a lifetime and as you go, you can buy more dumbbell handles and more weight.

This way, if you’re using different weights on different exercises you can even do some set up beforehand so you don’t have to mess around with making weight changes during the workout (or at least, not as many).

Or, you can spend a lot more money and buy a bunch of fixed weight dumbbells at various weights. This is a lot more expensive than the above option. But again, you could do so over time and add to your collection. You’ll also need room to store them or a rack to put them on (more money).

Finally, there are the all in one, adjustable dumbbell contraptions like those from Bowflex and the original Powerblock.

These are a single set of dumbbells that use some cool technology to allow you to quickly adjust the weight of the dumbbells without actually changing any weights!

Most base sets go up to 40 to 45 pounds with more expensive models allowing for more weight. They aren’t cheap, ranging from about $145 to over $400 for the models that allow for heavier dumbbells.

Once you have some type of dumbbell collection and a pull up bar, you’re pretty much set, not just for the P90x chest and back workout but for all of P90x. For that, matter, dumbbells and a pull up bar, combined with simple bodyweight exercises, are plenty enough home equipment for an almost endless amount of workouts.

Okay, we’ve covered in detail what you need for this workout.

But what exactly is the chest and back program for the original P90x?

This upper body workout blaster from P90x is an intense 60 minute exercise routine. It’s high intensity all the way, making great use of interval training, bodyweight exercises, dumbbells and a simple pull up bar.

Here’s a video of Tony Horton doing a chest and back workout like the P90x program. It’s not exact, but you get the idea.

This P90x workout consists of a lot of pull ups and push ups.

If you’re thinking, ‘oh, it’s just bodyweight exercises, how tough can it be?’ you better think again.

Bodyweight exercises are fantastic for boosting your metabolism, burning fat, getting lean, ripped and yes, building muscle, too.

Most people think old school calisthenics when they hear body weight exercises. Things like jumping jacks and mountain climbers. This chest and back workout is not that!

One of the best back exercises you can do, an exercise everyone should do on a regular basis, is the pull up! But how many people do you know that can get even a handful of reps on the pull up…. WITH GOOD FORM? Not many!

You’ll be doing as many repetitions as you for these exercises in timed intervals, such as one minute.

Why Bodyweight Exercises Are Awesome

Another one of the great things about most bodyweight exercises is you can make them easier or harder, depending on your strength and fitness level.

Can’t do regular push up? Do them from your knees. Or even stand in front of a wall, back your feet up a little and do push ups that way (even easier than on your knees).

There aren’t as many variations of the pull up but you can do half rep pull ups (only lower yourself halfway down) or even do them using a chair to rest your legs, or use resistance bands to make it easier.

The P90x chest and back program uses a variety of different push ups and pull ups as you go back and forth from chest to back.

There are also other exercises that include dumbbells mixed in to the workout.

If you love intense training and you’re looking for a great upper body workout, you’ll most likely love the P90x chest and back workout.

Most people will find it tough to even complete at first, but stick with it, try some easier variations of the exercises and over time, you’ll see your strength and conditioning levels improve, and before you know it, you’ll be crushing the workout just like Tony Horton.

Here’s an intense chest and back workout you can do at home using bodyweight exercises, dumbbells and a pull up bar.

Call it the:

P90x Chest and Back Workout Inspired Training Routine

    Wide Grip Pull Ups – As Many Reps as Possible (AMRAP) in 30 seconds
    Rest – 30 seconds
    Regular Pushups – AMRAP in 30 seconds
    Rest – 30 seconds

Complete 3 rounds of the above then rest 2 minutes before moving on.

    Neutral Grip Pull Ups – AMRAP – 30 seconds
    Rest – 30 seconds
    Dive Bomber Push Ups – 30 seconds
    Rest 30 seconds

Complete 3 rounds of the above then rest 2 minutes before moving on.

    One Arm Dumbbell Rows – 12 reps per arm
    Rest 45 seconds
    Explosive Push Ups – 5 reps (can do these from knees to make them easier)
    Rest 45 seconds

Complete 3 rounds of the above then rest 2 minutes before moving on.

    Complete the following and rest when needed. Go for time.

    Push ups – 10
    Curl Grip Pull Ups – 5

    Then go back to push ups, going down 2 reps each time. Go down one rep on the pull ups. So the next round would be 8 push ups and 4 pull ups. Go until you do 2 push ups and 1 pull up.

If you’re in good enough shape, rest 2 minutes and do a second round. If not, make that one of your goals.

You can also make the exercises easier or harder as mentioned earlier in this article (like doing the push ups from the knees to make it easier or do explosive push ups to make it harder.

If you love getting results, definitely give the P90x chest and back workout a try. You can check out the entire 13 week P90x workout schedule on the home page of this site. And you are still skeptical of bodyweight training, well, good luck on plyometrics day!

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