Does P90X Really Work?

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Does p90x really work? is a question I get asked often by my fitness newsletter subscribers.

does p90x really work

A lot of people see the Beachbody P90x fitness program infomercial on TV all the time. They figure it must work if it’s been running those commercials all this time.

Many have learned to be very skeptical of fitness products that promise too good to be true results.

So does p90x really work since they keep running infomercials?

Maybe they have a lot of money and want to sell you other stuff, too. People interested in fitness and fat loss are like people interested in making money or golf. They buy lots and lots of stuff. Beachbody, the sellers of P90X, will sell you lots and lots of stuff.

This isn’t automatically a negative. Not at all. But even if the P90X fitness system seems popular, that doesn’t mean it works.

So here’s the thing. Yes, it works. And no, it doesn’t. Let me explain.

First, the potential downside to the P90X workout program.

P90x Workout Problem #1

Stickability: The ability of people to stick with the program over the long haul. Almost all exercise programs can give you results (although some work a lot better than others).

The big key for most people is whether or not the program (exercise or nutrition) is something they can stick with long term.

If you take a look at the P90X workout schedule you’ll see it’s a six days per week. Each workout takes about an hour to 90 minutes That’s a lot.

p90 workout program

Since many people complain about not being able to find the time to workout, that amount of time six days per week can be a built in excuse for a lot of people to quit the program.

Besides the amount of time devoted to the P90x workout program, the intensity level is high. Many people may find the intensity of the workouts to be too high, especially for those that are just getting started with a fitness program.

P90x Workout Problem #1

Over training and Burnout: Even if you are fit enough to follow the program and have the time to devote to it, you may still end up quitting.

Why? Because the intensity, frequency, and volume of this program will eventually cause many people to over train.

Over training will keep you from recovering from the workouts. This will bring your progress to a screeching halt. You may even start losing the results you’ve gotten so far.

When you are in an over trained state, you may develop an aversion to training. This is known as burn out, which causes you to stop working out altogether.

Does P90X really work?

Not if you quit for any of the above reasons.

No fitness program works if you’re sitting on the couch and not doing it.

I think this program has a lot more positives going for it than negatives

P90x: The Good Things About This Program

Workout At Home: It allows you to work out from home with minimal equipment. This makes it a very convenient workout program.

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The time you may lose by the longer workouts in the program may be offset by the fact that you don’t have to drive to and from a gym (or pay gym dues for that matter).

Step By Step Program: Second, it gives you a program to follow. A big reason many people don’t get started or quit their exercise program is because they don’t know what to do and they get confused. Lots of different experts saying different things.

With P90X, you pop in the DVD you’re supposed to use that day and follow along with Tony Horton and the rest of the crew. Easy.

Variety: With 13 DVD’s worth of different training programs from resistance training, to cardio, to plyometrics, to abs, to bodyweight workouts, P90x gives you a lot of different programs. This helps keep you motivated mentally and keeps you from getting bored with the same workout every day.

The Workout Uses Great Exercises

Body weight Exercises: A big part of the P90x resistance training workouts involve using high quality body weight exercises like push ups and pull ups. These are some of the most effective exercises around for building muscle and burning fat. Body weight exercises are great for boosting your metabolism and creating a lean, sexy, hard body.

So, does p90x really work?

I recommend you give the P90x fitness program a try by following the program for a 90 day period. If you have to make slight modifications to certain exercises that’s okay. You’ll improve over time.

After that, you should take a week off and then begin a new routine that’s different. You can get a number of other great routines by signing up for my free fitness email newsletter at the bottom of this article.

Every so often, return to this program. Once you gain some experience and knowledge you can begin experimenting with your own unique program by incorporating p90x with other workouts.

For example, sometimes I’ll do full body weight workouts three days per week and just use the p90x cardio dvd’s.

Or I’ll use the chest and back dvd, based around pull ups and push ups as part of my weight training, but use my own training program for other body parts.

Does P90x Really Work? The Verdict

Overall, as a home workout fitness program, P90X gets two thumbs up. But you may need to modify it to avoid over training.

You really can mix and match so that you find a great program that works well for you. The combination of fitness programs you can create this way to come up with a program you can stick with is almost limitless.

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